Titanium’s STO & ICO Environment

Titanium’s STO & ICO Environment

Titanium Blockchain has extensive experience in the realm of STOs and ICOs. We have developed proprietary platforms to support both activities as well as specialized tools to support the whole life-cycle of STO and ICO processes.



Securer is a transparent & immutable blockchain-based platform designed for businesses looking to issue and manage security tokens. Securer is a fully compliant platform that delivers end-to-end solutions. Securer is managed by leading Blockchain technology professionals who specialize in Blockchain architecture development and leading legal experts who specialize in the area of token securitization as well as relevant regulatory frameworks.

For more info visit: www.securer.io



Titanium Blockchain offers comprehensive turnkey solutions that make crowdfunding simple and easy. We help our clients run successful ICOs from scratch, including preliminary software architecture consulting and economic/business model consulting. Our services include:

Smart Contract Development
We have the ability to create and deploy smart contracts based on the ERC20 standard, as well as other emerging standards in the industry.Our experts can also provide services that include setting up multi-sig wallets, escrows, air-drops and more.

Smart Contract Audits
Our experts can audit your smart contracts to find possible flaws, inefficiencies and other types of errors, to deliver a written report with recommendations for our clients.

Marketing WordPress Website
On the marketing side, we can develop WordPress websites. We have specialized templates that can be customized to match the needs of your ICO, or we can build bespoke solutions for your project.

The ICO Platform
The ICO Platform is a turnkey technical solution for launching your ICO that simplifies the entire process. You can deploy your entire project through this platform to run it in an efficient and effective manner, helping you avoid costly mistakes.

For more info visit: www.theicoplatform.com