ICO Services

ICO Services

Titanium Blockchain offers turnkey solutions that make crowdfunding simple and easy. We can help you run a successful ICO from scratch, including the preliminary consulting for the technological architecture and the business and economic/coin model. Our services are available separately for companies that have already started their crowdfunding activity, including ICO pricing strategy, whitepaper and more.

Smart Contracts Development
We offer creation and distribution of ERC-20 smart contracts. All extra features are available, including multi-sig wallets, escrow, air-drop and more.

Smart Contracts Audit
Our experts audit your smart contracts for flaws, inefficiency and misbehavior – and deliver a written report of recommendations.

Marketing WordPress Website
Need a website? We have specialized templates that can be designed and customized to match the needs of your ICO.

The ICO Platform
The ICO Platform is a turnkey technical solution for launching your ICO that simplifies the entire process of starting and running your project, without any hitches.

More information: www.theicoplatform.com