Titanium Blockchain Joins WLTH

Titanium Blockchain Joins WLTH

Titanium Blockchain is proud to announce joining WLTH as the Technology Partner

WLTH is one of the best Blockchain health projects we have seen, with a great team and innovative ideas and concepts.

WLTH is a decentralized, shared health economy, built as a plug-and-play blockchain layer which allows:

  • users to monetize their own health data & be rewarded for achieving health goals (health data market estimated to grow to $69bn in 2025 – from $15bn in 2016)
  • apps to monetize user data from as early as 1 MAU and increase user retention rates (only 1% of mHealth apps currently have enough users to monetize data)
  • data buyers to access instant, highly-granular and verifiable user data from a global, shared data pool (current data-buying process is opaque and slow)

The team has strong vertical experience in the blockchain, health technology, and consumer marketing sectors. Their goal is to disrupt today’s corporate ownership approach to health and wellbeing data and make WLTH the default, global protocol for a shared health economy.

Interested in WLTH? We look forward to partnering with you.



LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/wlth-tech/

Web: www.wlth.tech

Tzahi Kanza is CEO of FutureBlock and an expert in Blockchain technology, business and economics. Also serving as CEO at Titanium Blockchain, he has managed multiple technology products and startups.

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